Array Details

The array details are shown once you click on a particular array on the Arrays page.


The array overview shows you the physical S3 array path (if you own the array, otherwise it is hidden), the tiledb:// array name the TileDB Cloud users can refer to, and optionally an array description (similar to Github's file).

Array Schema

The array schema shows all the information about the array, such as the dimensions, attributes, etc.

Activity Logs

The activity logs show all operations that you or users you shared the array with have performed on the array. By clicking on a task in the logs, you will navigate to the Tasks page.


This is the page where you can share your array with other users. See Array Sharing for details.


On this page, you can edit the description of the array, and rename or delete your array.

Deleting an array does not physically delete your array from S3. It simply deregisters the array from TileDB Cloud. Your data will still be accessible by you outside of TileDB Cloud if you own the appropriate AWS access keys.

Renaming an array is under the danger zone, because from that point onwards you (and all the users you shared this with) will have to change your code to add the new array name. The array will still be shared and accessible by the other users, but they will need to add the new name to their code. In other words, TileDB Cloud does not currently support automatic redirection of array URIs upon renaming.