Standalone TileDB-VCF

To install just the TileDB-VCF library and CLI, install the dependencies and execute:

git clone
cd libtiledbvcf
mkdir build && cd build
cmake .. && make -j8
make install-libtiledbvcf

By default this will build and install TileDB-VCF into TileDB-VCF/dist. To check that the installation succeeded, try checking the version via the CLI:

$ /path/to/TileDB-VCF/dist/bin/tiledbvcf --version
TileDB-VCF build 98d0ff0
TileDB version 1.6.2

The high-level API build processes perform essentially the same steps as these, including installing the library and CLI binary into TileDB-VCF/dist/bin. So, if you build one of the APIs, the steps above will be executed automatically for you.