Easy Sharing

TileDB allows you to share your arrays with anyone and log every action

With TileDB Cloud you can share your arrays, in whole or in part, with other users. Forget about setting up AWS IAM roles for every user and different collection of files. TileDB governs all access on AWS S3 in a centralized, secure and auditable manner with array semantics. With access control and logging being handled at the storage level by TileDB, you can allow users to analyze your shared data with any tool TileDB integrates with, offering flexibility while enjoying security.

It is super-easy to share an array with any other user of TileDB Cloud, and view which arrays others have shared with you. Currently, TileDB Cloud offers array-based policies, but in the future you will be able to share subsets of attributes and even subsets of cells.

Adding fine-grained access policies is work in progress, see our roadmap for updates.

You can also create organizations, add team members, and share arrays within an organization. Finally, you can easily monitor all activity on your arrays via detailed logs.