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What is TileDB Cloud?

TileDB Cloud is the commercial platform built by the TileDB team that allows you and your organization to unify all types of data, automate distributed analysis and pipelines, and securely explore and share data and code, while enjoying extreme interoperability with programming languages and data science tools.

TileDB Cloud takes a radically different approach than the current data management landscape. Instead of dealing with a large number of different data formats and special-purpose databases, TileDB Cloud builds a unified data management stack, storing all types of data in a single unified format, pushing access control, logging and a growing set of computational primitives to storage, and emphasizing on integrations with every popular programming language and computational tool. And it does all that providing a 100% serverless experience to the user.

TileDB Cloud is based on the TileDB Open Source universal storage engine, which models and efficiently stores all data as (dense or sparse) multi-dimensional arrays, providing a common API and a large number of APIs and tool integrations.

Is TileDB Cloud for you?

TileDB Cloud is ideal for you if you struggle with:

  • Data storage and access

    • inefficient files and domain-specific formats

    • wrangling data across tools and languages

    • controlling and monitoring access to data and code

    • sharing data and code at extreme scale

  • Mixed data and workloads

    • different data types (e.g., dataframes, images, genomics, etc)

    • combination of SQL, data science and Machine Learning

  • Scalability and deployment

    • scaling analysis easily and inexpensively

    • setting up and monitoring machine clusters

    • managing numerous disparate data solutions and silos

  • Finding and contributing public data and code

    • sharing files in cloud buckets and code in repos

    • easily and reproducibly running code on different data

    • monitoring usage stats

  • Monetizing data and code

    • having to build an entire infrastructure to sell data and code

TileDB Cloud (SaaS) currently works only on AWS. We are currently working on adding multi-cloud support, namely for Azure and Google Cloud. See TileDB Cloud Enterprise if you are interested in hosting TileDB Cloud in your own environment.

Use Cases

There is a variety of application domains our team has expertise on and you can use TileDB Cloud for:

  • Geospatial

    • point cloud (LiDAR, SONAR, AIS)

    • SAR

    • optical imaging

  • Genomics

    • population genomics

    • single-cell multi-omics

  • Dataframes

    • any tabular data, accessible with various APIs as well as SQL

  • Time series

    • any data that could benefit from indexing on date/time fields

  • Biomedical imaging

    • any imaging data requiring pyramid structures

  • Many others

    • video, automotive, telecommunications, etc.


  • Data and code management Manage all you data (modeled as multi-dimensional arrays) and code (UDFs and notebooks) in a single platform.

  • Access control and sharing Securely share your data and code with access policies.

  • Logging and auditing See all the activity on your data and code from detailed audit logs.

  • Organizations Create organizations and define different access policies for data and code.

  • Jupyter notebooks Create, share and spin up Jupyter notebooks directly in the platform with a few clicks.

  • Serverless SQL and UDFs You can run any SQL query on any array, without having to provision any clusters. You can also define and register any user-defined function, as well as share it with other, which can be run in a serverless manner (similar to lambdas).

  • Serverless task graphs Create any pipeline or any sophisticated distributed algorithm with TileDB's task graphs. TileDB executes the various tasks in the graph in parallel respecting the dependencies, without forcing the user to create or define any clusters.

  • Data and code marketplace Take advantage of TileDB's full-fledged marketplace (integrating with Stripe) and monetize your data and code based on egress or CPU time.

Getting Started

The best way to get started is to sign up and run the Start Here! tutorial. You can find a constantly growing number of tutorials in the TUTORIALS page group found in the left navigation menu of these docs.

If you'd like to take a deep dive into the TileDB Cloud internals, you can navigate to CONCEPTS in the left navigation menu. You can also always consult the HOW TO guides and API REFERENCE.

How to Use the Docs

To make it easy to understand where to find what you are looking for, the documentation is structured in the following sections:

  • Tutorials A series of steps to address key problems and use cases

  • Concepts Background information and explanation of key topics and concepts

  • How To Short how-to guides based on FAQ

  • API Reference

    Technical reference to the client APIs

TileDB Cloud Enterprise

Looking for an on-prem solution?

TileDB Cloud is available as a customer-hosted instance to address enterprise security policies and governance mandates. Learn more about TileDB Cloud Enterprise.

More Help

In case you do not find the information you need in these docs, there is a variety of channels you can get more help from:

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