Serverless Compute 101

In this tutorial, you will learn:

  1. How to access (slice) a public array

  2. How to perform a SQL query on a public array.

  3. How to perform serverless UDFs on a public array.

We will use public TileDB Cloud array TileDB-Inc/MBTA_Average_Monthly_Ridership_by_Mode, which stores the data from the Boston MBTA's Open Data Portal.

Running on TileDB Cloud

You can preview this tutorial as TileDB Cloud notebook (no login is needed). You can also easily launch it within the TileDB Cloud UI console, but you will need to sign up / login to do so.

Running on your own client

You can run all the commands of this notebook in your own client. The only changes required are:

  1. Install the TileDB Cloud client

  2. Log in using the TileDB Cloud client before running any notebook command

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