Create Arrays

To create an array you will need to use TileDB Open Source. After you create the array, if you would like to make it "visible" to TileDB Cloud, you need to register the array in a subsequent step. However, TileDB Open Source allows you to create and register the array in a single step, with a very simple change in the way you would otherwise create the array:

  • Instead of using <array-uri> as you would typically in TileDB Open Source, you must use tiledb://<username>/<array-uri>. For example, if you wish to create an array at s3://my_bucket/my_array, you need to set the array URI to tiledb://my_username/s3://my_bucket/my_array and TileDB Open Source will instruct TileDB Cloud to automatically register the array as tiledb://my_username/my_array.

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