Installing Packages

TileDB Cloud notebook servers include a persistent home directory for you to install custom packages.

TileDB Cloud supports pip, conda , cran, and other methods of installing packages. When installing a package, you should install it in your home directory if you want it persisted after reboots.


For Python, you can use pip to install packages into your home directory with the --user option.

pip install --user <package>

If a package from pip is installed without the --user flag, it will not be persisted and will not be available upon reboot


Both conda and mamba are available in the notebook environment to install any available packages. Creating a custom environment in your home directory will allow you to install and persist any packages.

mamba create -n my_env 
mamba activate my_env
mamba install -c conda-forge <package>

If conda install or mamba install is used outside of a custom environment, your packages will not be persisted.


R packages can be installed from CRAN by setting the `lib location to the home directory for persistence.

install.packages("package_name", lib="~/R")

If package installations are done without setting the library path to your home directory, it's likely the installed packages will not be persisted.

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