Share UDFs

This page is currently under development and will be updated soon.

You can share a registered UDF with any other user on TileDB Cloud. To share an array, find it on Assets -> UDFs and either click on the sharing button located on the right end of the UDF card in the list, or click on the UDF card and navigate to the Sharing tab. The added member will appear in the UDF members list, where you will be able to change the access policy or revoke access from the user. Users get notified by email when someone shares a UDF with them.

When sharing a UDF with other users, you do not get charged for the accesses that those users make. You only get charged for the accesses that you make on your UDFs.

When sharing with a member, TileDB Cloud uses auto-complete to facilitate finding a username you are looking for. Similar to GitHub/GitLab, the usernames are considered public information (in contrast to full names and emails that are protected). Please email us at if you wish your username to be excluded from auto-complete.

Note that the UDF URL when you are viewing its Overview is shareable, and another user can view it on their browser if they have access to it. URLs of public UDFs can be viewed by users, even if they are not logged in.

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