Access Control and Logging

One of the most powerful feature of TileDB Cloud is that it allows users to share arrays, UDFs and notebooks at extreme scale, with anyone on the planet, and with diverse polices (e.g., read, write, read/write). There are no restrictions on the number of users data and code can be shared with.

Currently, TileDB Cloud supports access policies at the array level. However, soon it will support finer-grained access policies at the cell level.

TileDB Cloud also enables users to create organizations, in order to better manage access to their assets and manage billing. You can create any number of organizations.

TileDB Cloud maintains a global system state using MariaDB, recording all information required to know which assets belong to which users and who has access to the various assets.

TileDB Cloud logs everything: the task types, the users that initiated them, duration, cost, etc. All this information gets logged by the REST workers into the persistent and encrypted MariaDB instance. The activity can then be browsed on the TileDB Cloud UI console or retrieved programmatically using the TileDB Cloud client. Six months of logs are made available for instant retrieval. Contact us if you need longer retention or ways to perform offline audits of historical logs for your organization.

By default, sessions on TileDB Cloud will timeout after 8 hours. SSO session timeout is controlled by organizational policies.

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