Setting Up AWS Keys

In order to be able to create, register, and access your own arrays through the TileDB Cloud service, you need to set up your AWS keys, i.e., grant a means to TileDB Cloud to manage your arrays and govern access based on the sharing policies you define. You can add multiple AWS keys to TileDB Cloud, and register different arrays accessible by different keys. TileDB Cloud securely stores all keys in an encrypted database and never grants your keys to any other user. TileDB Cloud uses your keys in containarized stateless workers, which are under TileDB's full control and inaccessible by any other user's code (e.g., SQL or UDFs).

To add your AWS keys, click on Settings in the header menu, then on AWS credentials on the left side menu, and then on button Add AWS Credentials.

A pop up will ask you to provide a friendly name (so that you can distinguish your potentially multiple keys), the AWS access key id and the AWS secret access key.

The new credentials will appear in the list, where you will be able to edit or revoke them.