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Install the TileDB Cloud Client

To perform some simple queries via Python, you need to install the TileDB Cloud client. See the installation instructions for details.

Query a Public Array

We have added a couple of public arrays that every user on TileDB Cloud can access, under our TileDB-Inc organization. Below we show an example for slicing array tiledb://TileDB-Inc/quickstart_sparse.

import tiledb, tiledb.cloud
import pandas
# Login
tiledb.cloud.login(username='xxx', password='xxx')
# A public array
array_name = "tiledb://TileDB-Inc/quickstart_sparse"
# Slice the array
with tiledb.SparseArray(array_name, 'r', ctx=tiledb.cloud.Ctx()) as A:
data = A[:]
print (pandas.DataFrame(data))

Browse Arrays and Tasks

Sign in to the UI console and click on Arrays in the header menu. On that page you will be able to browse the arrays that are available to you.

Then click on Tasks in the header menu. On that page you will be able to view all your tasks. Observe that the slice you performed above appears in the task list.

By clicking on the task, you will be able to see its details, such as duration, cost, etc.

What's Next?

We recommend that you read the following documentation.