‚ÄčTileDB-VCF is a library for efficient storage and retrieval of genomics variant-call data. With it, you can easily ingest large amounts of variant-call data from the VCF (or BCF) format into a 2D sparse TileDB array that allows for highly compressed storage and efficient, parallelized queries on the variant data. The motivation and idea behind storing VCF data in a 2D sparse array is described in our Genomics use case docs.

The TileDB-VCF library exposes several interfaces for ingestion and reading of variant data, linking with the TileDB storage manager library itself for persisting the data. TileDB-VCF uses htslib during the ingestion phase to parse the VCF/BCF files, and thereafter uses a custom algorithm for ingestion of the data as well as extraction.

Once ingested, TileDB-VCF allows you to rapidly query variant data by genomic regions across arbitrary numbers of samples, returning all VCF records that intersect any of the query regions. TileDB-VCF takes advantage of all features of core TileDB, such as cloud-optimized queries, parallelism, etc. With TileDB-VCF you can enjoy linear scalability for VCF data storage, and many times faster queries than using bcftools -R or other existing methods.