Performance Tips

TileDB is a powerful engine that provides you with great flexibility to adapt it to your application. If tuned properly, TileDB can offer extreme performance even in the most challenging settings. Unfortunately, performance tuning in general is a complex topic, and there are many factors that influence the performance of TileDB. There is no unified way to improve performance for all TileDB programs, as the space of tradeoffs is quite large, and each use case can potentially benefit from very different choices for these tradeoffs.

To facilitate performance tuning, in this page group we provide helpful tips for tuning TileDB for your application. TileDB also has functionality for inspecting performance statistics, which may reveal some obvious performance deficiencies and further help in optimizing performance.

We are always happy to help in case you do not get the desired performance out of TileDB in your use case. Please post a comment on the TileDB Forum or drop us a line at sharing with us the way you create/write/read your TileDB arrays and we will quickly get back to you with suggestions.

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