Installation From Source

Currently, the TileDB-Τrino connector is built as a plugin. It must be packaged and installed on the Trino instances. You can download the latest release or build the connector from source using the following command from the top level directory of the TileDB-Trino repo.
./mvnw package
# Tests can be skipped as follows
./mvnw package -DskipTests

Installation on a Trino instance

First clone Trino
git clone
Install Trino
./mvnw clean install -DskipTests
Create a TileDB directory
mkdir trino/core/trino-server/target/trino-server-***-SNAPSHOT/plugin/tiledb
Build and copy the TileDB-Trino jars to the TileDB directory
cp TileDB-Trino/target/*.jar trino/core/trino-server/target/trino-server-***-SNAPSHOT/plugin/tiledb
Create two nested directories "etc/catalog" which include the file and move them to:
Launch the Trino Server
trino/core/trino-server/target/trino-server-***-SNAPSHOT/bin/launcher run
Launch the Trino-CLI with the TileDB plugin
./trino/client/trino-cli/target/trino-cli-***-SNAPSHOT-executable.jar --schema tiledb --catalog tiledb
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