The repository that contains the Docker files for TileDB:

Note that this contains only the TileDB core (C/C++) library and the Python bindings. The reason we exclude all the other bindings (e.g., Java) is to keep the Docker image size relatively small.

Running Docker

Download the prebuilt Docker images from Dockerhub:

docker pull tiledb/tiledb:<version>
docker run -it tiledb/tiledb:<version>

Building Docker

  1. Install the Docker daemon from

  2. Clone the TileDB-Docker repo and build the images:

git clone
cd TileDB-Docker
docker build -t tiledb:base base
docker build -t tiledb:release release

There is also a tiledb:dev image if you'd like the latest and greatest (but potentially unstable) TileDB version.

To run:

docker run -it tiledb:release

Optional components

If you'd like to build TileDB with optional components such as HDFS support, use the enable build argument when building the images, e.g.:

docker build --build-arg enable=hdfs -t tiledb:release

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