Build from Source

By default the high-level APIs (i.e., Python and Spark) will also build TileDB-VCF itself automatically, bundling the resulting shared libraries into the final packages. However, the APIs can also be built separately.


Please ensure the following dependencies are installed on your system before building TileDB-VCF:

  • CMake >= 3.3

  • C++ compiler supporting C++20 (such as gcc 10 or newer)

  • git

  • HTSlib 1.8

If HTSlib is not installed on your system, TileDB-VCF will download and build a local copy automatically. However, in order for this to work the following dependencies of HTSlib must be installed beforehand:

brew install autoconf xz

What would you like to build?

To install just the TileDB-VCF library and CLI, execute:

# clone the repo
git clone
cd TileDB-VCF/libtiledbvcf

# build
mkdir build && cd build
cmake .. && make -j8
make install-libtiledbvcf

By default this will build and install TileDB-VCF into TileDB-VCF/dist.

You can verify that the installation succeeded by checking the version via the CLI:

cd ../..
dist/bin/tiledbvcf --version

The high-level API build processes perform essentially the same steps as these, including installing the library and CLI binary intoTileDB-VCF/dist/bin. So, if you build one of the APIs, the steps above will be executed automatically for you.

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