Pre-built Packages

Once you install TileDB, visit the Usage page to see how to use TileDB in your programs.

The core TileDB library can be installed easily using the Homebrew package manager for macOS. Install instructions for Homebrew are provided on the package manager’s website.

To install the latest stable version of TileDB:

$ brew update
$ brew install tiledb-inc/stable/tiledb

HDFS and S3 backends are enabled by default. To disable one or more backends, use the --without- switch to disable them:

$ brew install tiledb-inc/stable/tiledb --without-s3
$ brew install tiledb-inc/stable/tiledb --without-hdfs

A full list of build options can be viewed with the info command:

$ brew info tiledb-inc/stable/tiledb

Other helpful brew commands:

# Upgrade to the latest stable version of TileDB
brew upgrade tiledb-inc/stable/tiledb

# Uninstall TileDB
brew uninstall tiledb-inc/stable/tiledb

The Homebrew Tap is located at

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